2019 ProSolo Classes and Index

ProSolo Enthusiasts,

Listed below are the classes and index factors for the 2019 ProSolo season. We are currently working with the SEB on a new class concept and if we can work out the details in January, we will announce a new supplemental class (one class) to be added to 20.8.A.2 below.

The remainder of the ProSolo Series Rules, which are largely operational and administrative, will be released in late January after discussions with the National Solo Ops Team. I expect these ops/admin rules to be largely the same as last year and we will only change a rule or procedure to either cleanup past confusion or to improve the efficiency of the events so everyone has the best experience possible.

We are looking forward to the 2019 Tire Rack SCCA ProSolo Series with a number of operational improvements that will impact the Series, as well as the remainder of the Tire Rack SCCA National Solo program. There will be a more detailed description of these improvements in January, but for now they come under the general headings of improved electronic communication (PA, FM, SoloLive, audiocast, App), a defined end of day for competition, and methods for creating a more welcoming environment, especially for newcomers to the Series. Again, more on all of this in January.

In the mean time we hope that you have a wonderful holiday season with family and friends with everyone ready to go in March to kick off a great 2019.


Happy Holidays!!






20.8.A ProSolo® National Series Classes

  1. All the following current SCCA® National Solo® open classes:
    1. Street Category (6 classes: SS, AS, BS, CS, ES, HS)
    2. Street-R Category (1 class: SSR)
    3. Street Touring® Category (4 classes: STU, STR, STX, STS)
    4. Solo® Spec Coupe (1 class; SSC)
  2. Supplemental classes:
    1. Formula Junior Category (2 classes: JA, JB)
  3. ProSolo® Index Classes (for classes not listed above in 20.8.A.1.). See Appendix A for the 2019 ProSolo® Index (PSI).
    1. Street Index Classes
      1. S1: All Street Mod Classes
      2. S2: SSP, ASP, BSP, CSP
      3. S3: DSP, ESP, FSP
      4. S4: DS, FS, GS, STH
    2. Race Index Classes
      1. R1: All Modified Classes, including KM
      2. R2: All Prepared Classes
    3. CAM Index Class: All CAM Classes
    4. Ladies Index Classes
      1. L1: Street-R, all Street Prepared, all Street Modified, all Prepared, all Modified, including KM
      2. L2: All Street Classes
      3. L3: All Street Touring Classes
      4. L4: Solo® Spec Coupe (SSC)
    5. The status of the non-championship Masters Class will be decided in January, 2019